"Colors of nature"

by Stephanie Lindsey

I describe myself as a modern day impressionist focused on landscape and trees. While not a traditional landscape painter, I take the environment that I am surrounded by and recreate it in painting. Some paintings may be depictions of my home on the Cedar River and some may be Seattle city streets where I portray the integration of nature within a man-made environment. Through my paintings, my goal is to find the beauty that surrounds us and bring it to the viewer. While this work is representational, it is an impression of the moment and has a specific layered looseness that creates a dreamlike state.

"Celebrity portraits"

by Connie M Bishop

I have had the wonderful opportunity over the past few years to explore different mediums, subject matter and styles. In recent months I have developed a passion for portrait work. Although most of the portraits I create are personal commissions; I have begun to explore celebrity portraiture.

George Orwell once penned, “All art is propaganda.” Nothing could be truer than this for the famous. I look for source materials that depict the celebrities, as the public knew them. We admire their beauty, we identify with their pain, or we aspire to have their achievements. Our emotional state is altered momentarily as they pull us back to a certain time in our lives, tugging at memories or pushing us forward into dreams.

I attempt to use all of these facts to elicit a response from the viewer; rendering my own art as propaganda. And even with this knowledge in mind, one cannot escape that all great art pulls from the heart and soul of the artist; this is what draws us in close to get another view. Hence, what starts out as propaganda, in the end exposes the artist at their very core.

My portrait work is cropped, close up and simple. I try not to let any background noise interfere with the subject; allowing the viewer to imagine the setting. I compose each piece to bring your focus back to the eyes of the subject, attempting to draw you in further.